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Cosan Na Naomh, Brandon Mountain, Co Kerry master


Cloghane to Mount Brandon

  • 10 km / 8 miles Ascent : 980 meters
  • 6-7 hours
  • Difficult

Mount Brandon, Ireland’s second-highest mountain, reaches 3127 feet dominating the horizon. From the peak on a clear day you can see the full expanse peninsula filled with terraces and lowlands, valleys and plains, harbours and inlets, beaches and islands. To the West is the broad expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.  A delightful, beautiful, panorama in sunshine or showers. 

Route: To arrive at Faha Carpark, where the walk begins, take the first left on the R550 after the village of Cloghane .  At the top of the road, turn left again and continue to the end until you arrive at the car park at Faha. Alternatively you can walk from Cloghane Village by following the route signposted as “Slí na nGallán” from the middle of the village. However, be careful to turn right for the Faha car park when arriving at the Faha Road).

From the car park follow the signs to the Grotto, the route then follows a series of red and white directional poles at intervals of 700m.  Keep to this route. The path rises until you get to the edge of a coom. Turning into the coom take care as you walk the narrow path as there is a steep drop to your left. Dropping down into the valley, cross the narrow stream where marked.  

The path continues between the small lakes to the foot of the Éisc, and then zig-zags steeply upwards. This is the most difficult part of the climb so please take care. When you reach the top of the Éisc, turn left and the summit is then a 15 minute walk over some easy terrain.

Mountain Safety:

Do not climb on your own. Always tell someone your intended route and estimated time of return. Stay clear from the cliffs on your way, and be especially careful going up and down the Éisc. Most accidents occur when descending so keep to the path at all times and watch your step.    

Mount Brandon must not be attempted in foggy or bad weather especially by those who are not experienced with the route. Be mindful that the weather gets colder towards the summit so wear appropriate clothing.


What people are saying about us

  • Character building hike

    Started from the faha carpark by the grotto, through sheep pastures up to the stony narrow walk along the edge of the valley. There’s a bit of scrambling on the vertical rise from this point up to the top, then a short walk along the top to the peak.

    J Sheehan

    – May, 2022

  • A nice hike in rain and sun.

    Great mountain to climb research the routes the tourist route is ok but the other routes can be more challenging but great views of Tralee bay.


    – July, 2021

  • Lovely

    Absolutely stunning! Breath-taking views (which I partly saw on google as it was covered in clouds in a day we went there. Well marked so it is hard to get lost. The first part (app. 1,5km) can be slightly hard and long, but it gets better later

    Anna M

    – July, 2021

  • Great climb, with varied terrain

    Really nice climb to the summit, with an easy to follow trail. Just go up by the grotto at the start and you can’t go wrong. Varied terrain and beautiful views throughout, keeping things interesting for the 4 hours round trip. Highly recommended.


    – September, 2019

  • Stunning

    Spectacular views – take the time to climb around everything that you see. From the top, you will have a great view – maybe a low cloud sitting between two ridges?

    Frederick, MD

    – September, 2019

  • Great walk up Mount Brandon

    What a special place!! It’s a bit of a hard walk up, but the white posts and crosses mean you can’t get lost when the mist descends. Epic views and very atmospheric in the swirling mist on the day we were there. But folks… Please! Please! Take home your orange peel and banana skins! They don’t belong strewn on top of such a beautiful mountain.

    Sam V

    – June, 2019


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